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Community: Identification - Part C

Identification of infants/toddlers (includes - homeless, foster care, wards of the State; and abused or neglected [CAPTA]; or under 3 and affected by illegal substance abuse or prenatal drug exposure).

Dear Colleagues, After many conversations, we determined that the Early Identification Community of Practice is no longer an active community. For that reason, we are no longer accepting new members. As of August 22, 2011 the web page will still be active so people can have access to the resources that this community developed. Updated resources will be posted on the Early Identification section of the NECTAC website ( Thank you for your participation over the past years, and we wish you well! Sharon Ringwalt, NECTAC and MSRRC; Evelyn Shaw, NECTAC; Jim Henson, MSRRC (soon to be retired!); and Renee Swink, ECAC



You may wish to visit the NECTAC CAPTA page  ( for the recently reauthorized CAPTA legislation and memorandum from the Children's Bureau about the changes.  Changes of particular note are 1) that the CAPTA agency will now be required to collect referral to Part C information including outcomes of the referral and 2) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders is now specifically included in the references to drug-exposed infants and toddlers.


Partner Organizations

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC), Region 2 Parent Technical Assistance Center & Mid-South Regional Resource Center (MSRRC)


Practice Groups

Identification Indicators (5, 6, & 7)
The purpose of this group is to identify improvement activities and address compliance issues in these specific indicators and to address the definition of eligibility.
Vunerable Children
The purpose of this group is to address the needs of children who are homeless, in foster care, wards of the State, who are under 3 and affected by illegal substance abuse or prenatal drug exposure, and children abused or neglected [CAPTA].
Hospitalized Infants
The purpose of this group is to identify the nature and range of services provided to hospitalized infants (whether the services are provided by the state, local program or in-hospital personnel, determine how the children are screened and made eligible, if consents are needed in order to make referral, what services are provided and by whom) - To Discuss funding sources for these services - To Discuss long-term goals of compiling information and data (through a possible survey) and establishing a network of service providers in order to share ideas and advocate at the federal level