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  • If you are new to the site click - "Join Our Community" - the blue box on the left.
  • If you are returning, and this is your first time, you will need to click "Forgot your password?" in the golden box on the upper left, enter your user name or email, and then a new password will be sent to your email.

Click here for a brief PowerPoint web tour.

Search - (located in the upper right hand section of the site) use this to find communities, people, discussions, and link - you can enter the first or last name to a search for a person and other familiar terms to search other parts of the site.

Joining a community - When you indicate you want to join a community your request it not automatic, it goes to a facilitator in that community, and the facilitator has the opportunity to welcome the new member.

The blue tabs (upper left side of page)

  • Communities - Is where you will find the communities listed and see what information they have
  • People - Lists people who have registered
  • Discussions - A place to ask questions, post articles, and communicate on issues you want and need to know more about
  • Documents - The area where the communities post their files

The gold tabs (the upper right side of page)

  • Suggest a new community tab - Tells you some of the basics you need to think about and communicate to us if you want to start a new community - also has a form for suggesting a new community
  • Links - URLs to relevant web sites
  • Help - Information to help you navigate the website

For further information please contact: